Taboo Anal Desensitizing Gel (72/Bowl) California Fantasies

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Taboo Anal Desensitizing Gel (72/Bowl) California Fantasies TAB-10

Product Information:

Exclusively formulated to relax the anus and lubricate to enhance pleasure. Condom friendly. Apply gel to the anal area 10 minutes prior to intercourse for full effects.

”œ –“ 10 mL pillow; 72 ea with fishbowl
”œ –“ No-meSportsheets desensitizing gel
”œ –“ Paraben- and Glycerin-Free

  • Desensitizers Relaxants Anal

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  • Desensitizers Relaxants Anal
  • Taboo Anal Desensitizing Gel 72/Bowl California Fantasies Sex Toys