Anal Plugs & Probes Vibrating

Anal Sex Toys

Send your sexual pleasure to new heights with an anal toy for men and women. Our selection of sex toys for anal penetration allow you to explore your desires in all new ways. Whether you want a pulsating probe to stimulate your prostate or vibrating anal beads that you can use alone or with a partner, there are so many fun and exciting toys to spice up your sex life in this collection. Ready to stimulate your senses and enjoy intense orgasms like never before? 

Select Your Size

One of the most important aspects of picking out an anal probe for your pleasure is finding the right size to satisfy your needs. You might be well-acquainted with anal penetration already, in which case a larger anal vibrator might be more your speed. For those who are new to penetration from behind, consider a small anal probe to start with. Many of these sex toys feature tapered designs that allow you to work your way up to a fuller feel. First-timers should also choose toys that have lower vibration settings since more stimulating sensations could be a bit overwhelming in the beginning. Once you work your way up to more intense penetration, however, you’ll discover new levels of pleasure that you can enjoy on your own or along with a partner for explosive orgasms.

Exciting Features

Our selection of anal sex toys includes a variety of simple and sleek butt plugs and anal beads. However, if you want to experience some new and exciting sensations, consider looking for an anal penetration toy that has some fancy features you’ll love. Vibrating anal probes are a popular option for increasing your level of pleasure. A vibrator with a remote control is another great option, especially if you want your partner to have control over your sensations. If you want to make your bath or shower more stimulating, choose a waterproof anal probe.