Anal Douches and Enemas

What is an Enema? Is it necessary? Is it safe? I will share my experiences of douching in the hopes that it will educate, inspire and encourage more people to talk about it. So make sure the shower is at the right temperature and then follow me…

I think it’s widely accepted by most people that the anus is a ‘dirty’ place, and you know, to some extent – I’ll agree. We all know that’s where poop comes from. And whilst there are a certain number of people who don’t mind that – for the most of us, poop and sex don’t mix. Which is understandable.

For some, it’s all about having the peace of mind, that when you start to explore and play ‘down there’ – you are not going to come across any nasty surprises – but let me stress this right at the start – It’s Natural! ‘Accidents’ can and will happen – the most important thing is to just shrug it off and move on. It will have happened to everyone at one point, and sometimes things are just out of your control!